2nd Class Power Engineer / Process Operator

LocationJohnstown, Ontario
Reports ToProduction Manager / Chief Operating Engineer
Position Overview

A 2nd Class Power Engineer / Process Operator is part of a shift operating team responsible for a variety of process equipment in such a way as to maintain the safe and efficient manufacture of alcohol.  Most duties are carried out in a team based atmosphere with a culture of openness and respect.

The Johnstown Plant produces 252,000,000 litres/year of fuel grade ethanol from corn, using an integrated dry milling, batch fermentation and continuous distillation and evaporation process.  Energy requirements are provided by a 1st Class Plant, generating 31,000 Kw and 45,000 kg/hr of steam at 900 kpa through an HRSG.  Other energy-related equipment include twin gas-fired rotary drum driers, 4 centrifuges, economizers, a Thermal Oxidizer, 3 compressors, Micro Filters, RO, softeners,  waste water monitoring and RO water filtration units.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Participates, adheres to, and fully complies with, the Company’s Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Operates process equipment and performs all duties in a safe and efficient manner to meet established process requirements
  • Monitors the process and makes required adjustments to maintain product quality, production rates, and efficiency
  • Reports deviations and provides input for process improvements.  Samples and tests process streams
  • Record data, actions, incidents, instructions, etc., in written or computerized format
  • Cleans and sanitizes process equipment as required
  • Responsible for housekeeping and cleaning of the plant
  • Maintains cleanliness and sanitation of process areas, laboratories and control rooms.  Assists with spills cleanup when necessary
  • Provides technical troubleshooting expertise in the detection and correction of operational problems
  • Responsible for maintaining knowledge of, and familiarity with, current procedures in all areas of plant for which he/she is qualified
  • Responsible for reviewing log books for period absent from work
  • Responsible for recording all required information accurately in log books, log sheets, MS Excel, etc.
  • Participate in Root Cause Analysis (RCA) studies for key events
  • Review or write procedures as required
  • Complete training as required
  • Participate positively in and support compliance of FEMAS, FSMA and any other food and feed safety standard
  • Actively participates in continuous plant improvements, specifically with personal development
  • Knowledge of and complies with all aspects of the Operator Progression Program
  • Perform other tasks as requested by supervisor.
Skills & Qualifications
  • SOPEEC Operating Engineer certificate (2nd Class) is mandatory. Consideration will be given to candidates with a 3rd Class ticket, currently working towards achieving their 2nd
  • Previous operating experience in the petroleum, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer or food processing industries would be an asset
  • A high school diploma, plus a minimum of five (5) years related experience
  • Post-secondary education in a technical field is an asset.
  • Effectively communicate a team-based environment
  • Can multitask and handles multiple tasks of varying complexity
  • Possesses Company values of honesty, integrity and commitment coupled with the ability to accept change.