Boiler Operator


Winnebago, Minnesota



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Position Overview

The Boiler Operator is responsible for the operation of the stationary steam boilers and all affiliated steam plant support equipment such as pumps, tanks, valves and traps. The Boiler Operator is also responsible for the operation of the dryer and all dryer systems, the plant water treatment system, and the plant’s cooling tower.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Consist of the operation and monitoring of all equipment assigned to this job position
  • Observing equipment and logging all required readings
  • Responsible for startup, shutdown, normal operation, emergency operation and cleaning of all equipment and spaces assigned to this position in accordance with applicable SOP’s and other established procedures
  • Maintain plant water chemistry
  • Monitor all equipment: RO system, iron filters, water softener systems, water polisher, dryer and cooling towers
  • Water chemistry control will include, but is not limited to: Sampling all water for testing (including the boilers, ROs, softener, towers) performing and interpreting water test results, recording and entering all data, adjusting chemical feed pumps, filling chemical feed tanks, as well as performing chemical cleaning of the system (CIP)
  • Operation of the steam plant: Steam plant operation will consist of maintaining and operating the plants boilers and associated equipment in accordance with all National, State, and local codes and regulations. Additionally, the ability to perform steam plant startups and shutdowns, boiler inspection preparations as well as minor repairs to be expected
  • Operations of plant cooling system: The Boiler Operator will ensure that the cooling tower chemistry and levels are controlled within the prescribed ranges, as well as monitor the cooling towers for unusual conditions. Chemical feed pumps and storage tank levels are required to be adjusted, monitored and maintained. The Operator will also start, stop and monitor the plant chiller as requested/required by production
  • Dryer system operation: The Boiler Operator is responsible for all dryer activities, including the startup, operation, emergency operation, and shutdown of the dryer and all associated auger, drags, mixers, cyclone separator, baghouses and hammer mills/grinders. The Boiler Operator is expected to be able to make independent decisions about the required course of action based on SOP’s ,plant requirements, plant operational knowledge, and other guidelines to maintain the desired product and production quotas as well as to perform and record all testing of the material inputs and product produced by the dryer
  • RTO operations: The Boiler Operator is expected to operate and monitor the RTO system in accordance with established instructions and procedures
  • Work in a safe manner at all times
  • Participate in programs and procedures required to ensure plant cleanliness
  • Communicate directly with the maintenance department to coordinate maintenance and repair work in utility areas
  • Assist maintenance technicians in performing maintenance and repairs
  • Perform preventive maintenance activities as required
  • All other duties as assigned
  • Follows Greenfield Global Winnebago Safety Policies and Procedures.
Skills & Qualifications
  • 12-hour shifts on a four-week shift rotation between days and nights; three 12-hour shifts one week; four 12-hour shifts the second week. Significant time will be spent in the plant.  All types of chemical industry equipment are used in the plant to include, but not limited to fermentation vessels, jet cookers, agitators, mixing and milling equipment, distillation columns, centrifuges and distributive control systems.  May be exposed to loud noises, wet and humid conditions, fumes or airborne particles, toxic chemicals, extreme hot and cold depending on weather conditions.  Must be able to climb ladders and work at elevations of 175 feet. Must be able to speak and listen clearly. Fine visual acuity to read for accuracy.    Travel required or as needed.  For more detail, please review the ADA questionnaire on file in Human Resources
  • This job may require lifting of up to 50 pounds frequently.
  • Passion for excellence and eagerness to learn
  • High Energy Level
  • Self-starter individual with strong attention to detail
  • Strong organizational and time management skills, with the ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Possesses Company values of honesty, integrity, respect, and commitment coupled with the ability to accept change.

Who We Are:

Greenfield Global is a leading producer and supplier of high-value, mission-critical raw materials, ingredients, and additives that are vital to businesses and integral to a lower carbon economy. From start-ups to the largest brands in the world, customers trust Greenfield’s extensive portfolio of premium products, regulatory expertise, and industry-leading service to improve people’s lives and the health of the planet.

Why Join Greenfield?

We innovate, collaborate, and work with purpose. By unlocking the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet, our work has a positive impact on the environment around the world. We’re always looking for people who can bring new talents and experience to our team.

Total Compensation & Care:

  • Base salary dependent on experience and demonstrated performance
  • Formal and informal training opportunities
  • Comprehensive health and dental benefits
  • Income protection: short- and long-term disability coverage, life insurance, paid
    personal sick time
  • Vacation time exceeding industry standards
  • Company funded retirement savings program with individual contribution
  • Meaningful and challenging work
  • Curated intentional culture focused on growth and development, engagement, and

About Us

We own and operate five distilleries, four specialty chemical manufacturing and packaging plants, and three next-generation biofuel and renewable energy R&D centers. This integrated model enhances supply chain transparency, quality control, custom formulation development, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

Core Values

  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Commitment
  • Openness to Change
  • Core Principles


We are constantly seizing opportunities to develop new products, processes and methods to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of our customers.


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