Bulk Operator

LocationBrookfield, Connecticut
Position Overview

Responsible for filling bulk loads and assist unloading the rail cars. Assist in the preparation of customer orders, scheduling loads, transportation and fulfillment of bulk loads. Maintains all hoses, pumps, tanks and peripherals, keep clean and up to spec for use at all times. Operate different types of material handling equipment, testing equipment, weight equipment and pumps. Work closely with Lab technicians to get the load tested and approved before use. Maintain good housekeeping around all areas of bulk processing.

Duties & Responsibilities
  • Sample of raw materials
    • Rails
    • Bulk loads
  • Material Verification
    • Seals
    • Manifest
  • Sealing railcars and trailers
  • Raw material adjustments (Tank 1&4)
  • Monitoring Raw material levels (bulk vs production)
  • Alcohol and Solvent daily inventory reports (including pure heels)
  • Material handling
  • Record keeping (logs)
  • Heel Usage (sampling and dumping)
  • Returns and damage product rework
  • Forklift driving
  • Operations start up/close down
    • Unlocking/locking ethanol Doors
    • Other production equipment (e.g. compressor) start up/shut down
    • Tanks
    • Gates
    • Lights
  • Flush trailers
  • Spill management
  • DOT placard knowledge
  • Fall protection
  • Bulk record creation and documentation
  • Batching for bulk load various products and grades
  • Driving yard truck
  • Weighing empties and full loads
  • Dock and undocking of trailers for shipping and production
  • Accurate and timely completion of all shipping documentation including photos and export paperwork
  • Cross train in other Work Centers as needed
  • Participate in any Lean or process improvement initiatives
  • Assist supervisor in improving the productivity and efficiency of the operation.
  • Observe the process and initiate/own activities to improved processes
  • Responsible for the housekeeping of all the areas of bulk, loading, unloading rail cars and tank farm
  • Adheres to regulatory compliance regarding paperwork and GMP (TTB and ISO compliance)
  • Complies to all OSHA regulations
  • Follows hazardous waste procedures, places waste in labelled satellite accumulation containers, keeps containers closed unless adding to them, notifies supervision when containers are full or if there are any issues including but not limited to a spill or release.
Skills & Qualifications
  • Proficiency in mathematics and comfortable using formulas and percentages
  • Position requires some physical activity when batching in tanks and trucks
  • Requires ability to safely lift up to 50 lbs.,
  • Ability to climb ladders and to work safely at heights over 10 foot using fall protection
  • Ability to wear the required PPEs (including but not limited to eye protection, steel toed shoes, safety harness, nitrile gloves, respirator)
  • Clean driving license
  • Ability to work independently, as well as with multiple departments
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively
  • Proven attention to detail and multi-tasking abilities
  • Ability to thrive in a fast paced environment
  • Chemical Industry background a plus
  • High School Degree or GED required.
  •   Team-oriented individual with strong communication skills and the ability to collaborate across departments
  •   Possess Company values of Honesty, Integrity, Respect and Commitment coupled with the ability to accept and drive change.