Engineering Scholarship Program

LocationChatham, Ontario
Position Overview

Angelo Ligori Engineering Scholarship Program

Greenfield Global will offer one scholarship each year in the amount of $2,500 to a first year Engineering
student who desires to pursue a major in Chemical Engineering. Promotion of this opportunity will
include Company Website, my.greenfield intranet, and local high school guidance offices.


  • The People & Culture Department will form a team of three employees within Greenfield Global
    who will review the applications and select the winner.
  • Employees on the selection panel cannot in any way be associated with the applicants.
  • The award winner will be announced on the Company website and on the my.greenfield intranet.
  • The award winner will be required to provide their SIN number and proof of enrollment from the
  • Registrar’s office prior to funds being released.

Application Deadline and Submission
Applications will be accepted until Monday June 3, 2019 at 12:00pm

Duties & Responsibilities

Interested applicants will be contacted with more information regarding the Angelo Ligori Scholarship

Skills & Qualifications


  • Any student aged 19 years or younger as of December 31st of the year in which post-secondary
    studies begin.
  • Students must be accepted in a full-time Bachelor of Engineering program at an Ontario university.
  • Students must be graduating from a public or separate secondary school in Chatham-Kent.
  • I have completed and enclosed the Application Form and responses to the four questions.
  • I have enclosed a letter of recommendation from my secondary school.
  • I have enclosed a copy of the acceptance letter from the post-secondary institution.
  • I have enclosed the essay on my vision on the future of biofuels.
  • I will submit proof of enrollment to the post-secondary institution as soon as I am able to do so.


  • All applications must be submitted by the date specified for the given year.
  • All applications must be submitted by email to the address specified.

Application Content

  • Completion of the Application Form and a brief written response to the four questions regarding the
    students’ education and career plans, work experience, extracurricular interests and volunteering
  • Completion of the Applicant Release Form.
  • A letter of recommendation from the students’ secondary school (principal, vice-principal or
    guidance counselor).
  • A copy of the acceptance letter from the post-secondary institution.
    Submission of 750-1000 word essay written by the student on their vision on the future of biofuels.