John Wilkinson

Senior Vice President


Nobody likes tackling a complex problem more than John Wilkinson. John joined Greenfield in 2016 and serves as the Senior Vice President, Sustainability, where he oversees the integration of sustainability into the company’s strategic direction, expansion, and operations. He is also responsible for supporting the company’s advanced biofuel and renewable energy commercialization efforts. Prior to joining Greenfield, John was the President and CEO of Wilkinson Insight Incorporated. He also had an eight-year career as a Member of Provincial Parliament, he served first as Ontario’s Minister of Research & Innovation, then as Minister of Revenue, and finally as Minister of the Environment. As a key member of Cabinet, he was instrumental in ushering in a wave of Ontario clean tech policies and programs. Prior to politics, John, a Certified Financial Planner, founded Wilkinson & Keller Financial Planning Ltd.

John is a graduate of Western University and is a Fellow of the Financial Planning Standards Council of Canada.

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