From its start as a small enterprise in Tiverton, Ontario, Greenfield Global has grown into the largest fuel ethanol producer in Canada and one of the most efficient ethanol producers in North America.

We proudly produce ethanol at our four facilities located in Ontario and Quebec. Farmers from within a 75-kilometre radius of our plants provide grain that we use to make ethanol, animal feed, and corn oil.

Our ethanol is a high-quality, high-octane fuel which:

  • Is made from renewable crops and resources.
  • Reduces lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions from transportation fuels.
  • Supports local agriculture by providing a value-added market for grains.
  • Provides consumers with an affordable, more environmentally friendly fuel at the pump.

Greenfield’s commitment to sustainability is evidenced not only by the clean fuel we produce, but by our internal efficiency programs and goals to further lower our carbon footprint.