The life sciences industry has quickly become an essential part of transforming our economies, our environment, our health, and our daily lives. Our customers help people to live better and longer. To do this, they depend on the high-purity ethanol and solvents, and GMP aqueous solutions.

Greenfield meets the needs of laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and both large and small molecule pharmaceutical companies from around the globe. Starting in the lab and ending in full-scale production, we provide high-purity solvents and critical bioprocess solutions through quality agreements with the majority of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies.

In medicine and the life sciences, innovation happens fast and the stakes are high. Our chemists and engineers find new ways to improve our products and processes, continually adapting and adding capabilities without compromising quality. The speed and agility of our service extends to our supply chain transparency, service reliability, and responsiveness to customer needs.

Our advantage

  • Offerings range from bottle to bulk and from ACS to multi-compendial GMP solvents (Pharmco’s “World Grade” line).
  • Single-use upstream large-volume liquids and down-stream purification solutions to meet every step of the bioprocess workflow.
  • Products that meet the highest quality and regulatory standards and are delivered to customers using our carefully controlled supply chain.
  • Quality systems that meet or exceed your needs for transparency, change controls and clear documentation.
  • We test your orders internally to ensure a level of quality and controls. Our lab capabilities range from simple wet chemistry to sophisticated metals testing on our ICP-MS instruments.
  • We are experts in understanding global pharma on a local level, supplying products that meet high expectations.
  • Our strong customer service team and worldwide distribution channels mean faster-than-industry-average lead times.
  • Our Portlaoise facility in Ireland is ISO and EXCiPACT certified, and follows IPEC guidelines which enables us to produce consistent quality buffers for our life science customers globally. The site is an Irish Revenue approved Warehousekeeper for alcohol products. Our multi-buffer product capability allows us to offer custom buffer blends to our customers.


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