About Us

Unlocking the Potential of People, Partnerships, and Nature

Our Mission

Unlock the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

Our Vision

< 350 parts per million. To get back to that ratio of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere — back to the threshold that reverses climate change and preserves life as humans have known it — there is a path. The challenge of getting back to less than 350 is too great for a single solution or any one company, industry or government. But there is a road, and we all have a role to play. It will take the work of nations. And of creative, dedicated scientists, engineers, partners, and entrepreneurs. Each one playing a crucial part. Greenfield will continue to do the work until the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere returns and even falls below the life-sustaining level of 350.

How Greenfield Global Stands Apart



We are constantly seizing opportunities to develop new products, processes and methods to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of our customers.



We are part catalyst, part collaborator. We work with partners to get the most out of our existing products, and to develop custom solutions for our customer requirements.



Our commitment to give back to local communities in the US and Canada goes beyond the bottom line. We give back to the planet by processing renewable resources into low carbon fuels and chemicals



Our team is not only fast, it has the flexibility and creativity to pivot with customer needs to develop custom-made, on-time solutions.



At every plant, and for every customer, for every shipment, we put quality first. We operate a tight, transparent supply chain while meeting the highest regulatory standards.

Waste Not, Want Not in Chatham, Ontario

Waste heat from Greenfield’s Chatham, Ontario plant is used to heat Truly Green tomato greenhouse. Representing the energy equivalent to heating 1,000 homes, this reduces the greenhouse’s need to burn fuel for heat. Additionally, 55,000 tons of carbon dioxide from our production are captured and used by Linde/Praxair and Truly Green to boost plant yields instead of being released back in the atmosphere.

Growing Green with Farmers

We are proud to source local, sustainable corn. Greenfield’s Agribusiness team works with 300+ growers to purchase sustainable corn. We believe in working closely with farmers to ensure climate-friendly practices like innovations in farming equipment, biotechnology, and modern farming methods are recognized.

Net-Zero Leader in Portlaoise, Ireland

Greenfield’s Portlaoise facility is the First “NZEB” (Near Zero Emissions Building) in Ireland – and one of the first in Europe. Commissioned in 2022, the goal is that our facility will contribute less overall greenhouse gas to the atmosphere during operations than traditional facilities.

Shrinking our Carbon Footprint

At Greenfield, we not only produce low-carbon fuels and products, but we also work to reduce our own greenhouse gas emissions. Operating since 1989, we have reduced CO2 emissions at our Tiverton plant by 53% due to equipment enhancements and working closely with Bruce Power, a nearby nuclear power plant. At our Winnebago, Minnesota plant, two wind turbines & carbon sequestration will begin in 2025.

Municipal Waste to Energy

Greenfield operates one of the largest anaerobic digestion plants in North America in Varennes, Québec. The facility converts organic waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) to reduce carbon emissions, improve air quality, and generate revenue from waste. 120,000 tons of organic waste is diverted from area landfills anually. The RNG produced can heat up over 11,000 homes and captures 40,000 tons of CO2, the equivalent of removing about 19,000 cars off the road for one year. It also produces organic fertilizer for 12,000 acres of farmland.

Sustainable Logistics & Supply Chains

At every turn, we work to minimize the direct environmental impacts of our logistics and supply chain processes, including emissions and waste. We work closely with customers to encourage rail shipping in lieu of truck delivery when possible. In 2022, Greenfield shipped over 780 tank rail cars, the equivalent of taking over 3,400 transport trucks off the highways.

Biofuels by Land, Sea & Air

Greenfield is engaged in 5 industry-leading green energy projects in partnership with some of the largest energy, shipping and trading companies in the world. Commercial production is expected in 2026. The renewable fuels projects span Green Hydrogen, Green Methanol, RNG, and Sustainable Aviation Fuel. We are also developing an anaerobic digestion plant in Ontario, further reducing Greenfield’s carbon footprint while producing renewable natural gas for pipeline injection.

From R&D to Reality

Greenfield Global and the University of Alberta is creating a clean technology that will convert agricultural waste into renewable diesel fuel. This has the potential of reducing emissions in agricultural and transportation sectors by up to 90% compared to fossil-based diesel fuel. Additional benefits include being feedstock agnostic, using a spoke-and-hub approach to feedstock collection, and the refining of biocrude into renewable diesel.

From our inception in 1989, Greenfield Global has grown from a single plant in Tiverton to a global leader with manufacturing and packaging facilities in the US, Ireland and Canada that reach the entire world.


Company founded as Sunroot with the Tiverton industrial alcohol plant


Sunroot acquires the customer base, packaging assets, and brands of Commercial Alcohols Ltd.


Sunroot is incorporated as Commercial Alcohols Inc.


Chatham, Ontario, ethanol plant opens; and Company acquires a controlling interest in Pharmco Products Inc.


Company consolidates its ownership of Pharmco Products Inc.


Company acquires Aaper Alcohol and Chemical Company which is merged with Pharmco to become the leading manufacturer of packaged alcohols and solvents in the USA


Varennes, Quebec, ethanol plant opens


Johnstown, Ontario, ethanol plant opens


Portfolio expands from fuel ethanol and bulk industrial alcohol to include specialty chemicals for the Life Sciences sector


New brand Greenfield Specialty Alcohols launch


Greenfield Global corporate brand introduced


Greenfield opens facility in Portlaoise, Ireland