About Us

Greenfield’s mission is to unlock the potential of people, partnerships and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

Here’s how Greenfield Global stands apart:

We are constantly seizing opportunities to develop new products, processes and methods to meet the diverse and demanding requirements of our customers.

We are part catalyst, part collaborator. We work with partners to get the most out of our existing products, and to develop custom solutions for our customer requirements.

Our commitment to give back to local communities in the US and Canada goes beyond the bottom line. We give back to the planet by processing renewable resources into low carbon fuels and chemicals.

Our team is not only fast, it has the flexibility and creativity to pivot with customer needs to develop custom-made, on-time solutions.

At every plant, and for every customer, for every shipment, we put quality first. We operate a tight, transparent supply chain while meeting the highest regulatory standards.

Company founded as Sunroot with the Tiverton industrial alcohol plant
Sunroot acquires the customer base, packaging assets, and brands of Commercial Alcohols Ltd.
Sunroot is incorporated as Commercial Alcohols Inc.
Chatham, Ontario, ethanol plant opens; and Company acquires a controlling interest in Pharmco Products Inc.
Company consolidates its ownership of Pharmco Products Inc.
Company acquires Aaper Alcohol and Chemical Company which is merged with Pharmco to become the leading manufacturer of packaged alcohols and solvents in the USA
Varennes, Quebec, ethanol plant opens
Johnstown, Ontario, ethanol plant opens
Portfolio expands from fuel ethanol and bulk industrial alcohol to include specialty chemicals for the Life Sciences sector
New brand Greenfield Specialty Alcohols launch
Greenfield Global launch
From our inception in 1988, Greenfield Global has grown from a single plant in Tiverton to a global leader with manufacturing and packaging facilities in the US and Canada that reach the entire world.