Greenfield is the leading choice for high purity pharmaceutical and analytical grade ethanol used in natural and herbal extractions. Our rigorous quality system, fully integrated into a dedicated manufacturing process, provides a chain of custody and quality control beginning from raw materials all the way to the finished product.

With our personalized customer service, we make it easy to buy direct with Greenfield. We produce alcohol and sell directly to customers of all sizes, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of buying straight from the source. We carry a full line of high purity, affordable solvents for all your extraction needs including cleaning and purification solvents used for herbal extraction.

Our advantage

  • Deep experience in US ethanol regulations and supply of tax-free alcohol blends.
  • Wide selection of formulas, grades, and package sizes to maximize your yields when extracting large or small batch runs.
  • Full line of Organic, Non-GMO and Food Grade chemicals and oils – all fully tested and certified in-house.
  • Ever-expanding offerings for our herbal extraction customers, to cover all your evolving needs.
  • An understanding of how critical our ethanol, specialty chemicals and oils can be for your process and products. Greenfield has production facilities in Connecticut, Kentucky, and Ontario. We offer inventory stocking plans, and maintain warehouses coast-to-coast to ensure that you don’t run out of product when you need it most.


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