Greenfield utilizes and extracts value from the whole corn kernel. In fermenting corn sugars into energy or specialty chemicals, roughly one third of the weight produces alcohol, a third produces distillers grain and corn oil, and a third produces CO2.

In addition to producing alcohol and ethanol, the C02 is sold to companies that make carbonated beverages and concrete, and the corn oil and distillers grains are sold to farms and feed mills for animal nutrition.

Selling Corn to Greenfield

Farmers supply the corn that fuels our business. Our ethanol plants are strategically located in the heart of Canada’s corn belt, making access to market easy for farmers and elevators.

Our advantage

  • We buy corn direct from farms:
    • Online
    • Over the phone
    • By email
  • We pay electronically so you don’t need to wait for your check in the mail.
  • You have the ability to:
    • View all of your contracts, tickets and payments in real-time online
    • View our corn bids
    • Make an online offer
    • View discount schedules
    • Download our producer app (created by Barchart)
  • View our corn bids.

For more information on selling your corn, contact:


Melody Hambleton
Office 1-888-471-3661  x7423
Mobile 416-704-7953


Joanne van Moorsel
Office 613-925-1385  x7723
Mobile 613-796-6079


Jean-François Masson
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