Our state-of-the-art, cGMP manufacturing facility in Portlaoise has been in operation since 2020 with a focus on providing both regional and global life science customers with mission critical chemicals and ingredients. The site will offer Pharmco branded bioprocess solutions and high-purity alcohols and solvents. Our production suites and  on-site clean room will be used to batch and fill a range of critical solutions using both USP/EP purified water and WFI (water for injection). These solutions include Sodium Hydroxide, Phosphoric Acid, Dextrose, Ethanol and other custom solutions as needed by our customers.

In operation since 1994, our manufacturing, packaging and warehousing facility in Brookfield, Connecticut, offers a wide selection of formulas, proofs, and grades of alcohol in various package sizes and custom specifications. On site white room/clean room manufacturing is ready to supply your critical-process products.

Operating since 1989, the Tiverton Distillery is Greenfield’s original plant, producing top-quality fuel ethanol, industrial alcohol, and distillers’ grain. Tiverton utilizes batch fermentation, making it ideal for testing in collaboration with our R&D Centres. The Tiverton distillery is also able to be flexible, nimble, and responsive to custom requirements to meet specific needs of our customers.

In operation since 1979, our manufacturing and packaging facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky, has evolved from a filing and warehousing facility to a premier manufacturing and packaging plant. We manufacture and supply a wide range of pure and denatured ethanol products and are home to a dedicated customer service team.

Greenfield Global ships to almost 50 countries worldwide, including Korea, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, and New Zealand. We strive to provide service on the ground as close to customers as possible. The Malaysia Desk serves Greenfield’s customers in Asia. For us, it’s about adding a human touch to our work and staying flexible so we can meet our customers’ evolving needs.

In operation since 1998, our Chatham Distillery is uniquely capable of producing a variety of alcohols — from the highest-purity alcohol used in beverage and pharmaceutical industry to alcohols required for other industrial applications. It is also a leader in producing corn oil and distillers’ grain suitable for various markets. The Chatham distillery’s logistics capabilities are second-to-none with robust rail shipping access.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging facility in Brampton has been operating since 1993 and serves the Canadian customer base for packaged alcohol and specially denatured alcohols. It also ships to over 20 countries world-wide.

Our fully bilingual team at our Boucherville distribution and sales facility has been providing customer service and sales support to Quebec and Atlantic Canada customers since 1992. The Boucherville team specifically sells pure alcohol and all grades of denatured and specially denatured ethyl alcohol (SDA’s).