New Packaging Option Expands High Purity Solvent & Ethanol Portfolio and Reduces Customer Waste.

Brookfield, CT, 2nd April 2019— Pharmco, a brand of Greenfield Global, today announced it has expanded its portfolio options to include Stainless Steel Pressurized Vessels at the company’s Brookfield, CT, USA facility. This new portfolio option further strengthens Pharmco’s unique production space, improves chemical supply chain and quality control systems, and allows customers to reduce their raw material waste.

Each fleet is dedicated to a customer and ensures a consistent and reliable supply of material reducing supply chain risk. The tightly enclosed system reduces the potential for product contamination and the pressurized environment is perfect for making custom formulations capable of meeting the most stringent custom specifications.

Pharmco’s steel fleet options carry an 8-10-week start-up time and allow customers to connect directly to a research or manufacturing process; shortening workflow throughput time. It also saves time associated with repeat solvent testing and rinsing bottles leading to reduced expenses associated with disposing of hazardous materials.

“Greenfield is constantly innovating and strives to help our customers do the same,” said Greenfield Global President and CEO Howard Field. “These fleets will help our customers make their business more efficient while reducing their environmental impact. This is especially valuable when it comes to high volume, high-quality, research and development.”

“The pressurized fleets should come as welcome news to our customers in life sciences, who have been asking for this option. For the first time, customers can purchase pure ethanol in a pressurized fleet, while also receiving dedicated sales rep support on their ACS/USP, HP/LC, and LC/MS returnable fleet demands,” said Steve DiBenedetto SVP of Sales and Operations.

The pressurized fleets are available immediately for Pharmco’s full solvent portfolio including multiple grades of Pure and Denatured Ethyl Alcohol, Acetone, Acetonitrile, Activator, Cap A, Cap B, Deblock, Dichloromethane, Dimethylformamide, DMSO, Ethyl Acetate, Methanol, MTBE, N-Heptane, n-propyl Alcohol, Oxidizer, Piperidine 99%, Pyridine, Reagent Grade Alcohol, THF and Toluene. Custom blending and testing is also available upon request.


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