The dedicated capacity in Carteret, New Jersey, adds 800,000 gallons of storage and is the only one of its kind on the East Coast.

Brookfield, CT, XX May 2019— Pharmco, a brand of Greenfield Global, is proud to announce that its new dedicated storage tanks at Kinder Morgan Terminal in Carteret, New Jersey, are fully operational. Announced in February, the terminal provides 800,000 gallons of dedicated storage for Pharmco’s non-GMO sugar cane alcohol. The tanks represent an 800% increase from the company’s previous capacity and are the most substantial storage capacity for non-GMO Cane verified by the non-GMO Project in North America.

“Customers have trusted the Pharmco brand of non-GMO sugar cane alcohol for over five years. The decision to expand our supply chain capabilities in the United States is driven by our continued internal push to be at the foreground of where our customers business needs are, and help them succeed in new and more significant markets,” said Greenfield Global’s Frank Richards, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Specialty Chemicals and Ingredients.

“Our existing specialty chemical and ingredients business and the demand for our non-GMO sugar cane alcohol is growing significantly. This investment satisfies the growing demand by our existing customers and addresses the needs of prospective customers,” continued Richards. “Expanding our footprint helps us mitigate customer supply risks, eliminates business interruptions, and ensures we can provide our food, flavor, and personal care customers with the best products and service possible.”

Pharmco is one of the largest importers of Non-GMO cane alcohol in the United States. The terminal is the only one of its kind on the East Coast and provides Pharmco with dedicated outbound capabilities by railcar or truck direct to its customers and packaging hubs. Since being announced in February 2019, the tanks are filled, and shipments have begun going out to customers.

Pharmco will continue to provide its customers with reliable lead times and delivery anywhere in North America, including packaging from single gallon bottles to totes packaged in its Brookfield, Connecticut and Shelbyville, Kentucky plants.

Inquiries for more information or to work with Pharmco on non-GMO cane alcohol opportunities, please contact or +1 203-740-3471, x6948.

About Pharmco by Greenfield Global

Greenfield is the largest high-purity alcohol company in North America. Under the Pharmco brand, the company offers a wide range of specialty alcohols and bio-based chemicals to quality-driven and environmentally-conscious customers around the globe. Twelve federally registered Distilled Spirits Plant locations offer regional distribution from coast to coast with support worldwide support through more than 40 international distribution partners. The Pharmco brand stands for premium quality and service excellence and has been supplying life science, food, flavor, fragrance, personal care, extraction and industrial companies with mission-critical products for more than 30 years.

About Greenfield Global Inc.

From its inception in 1988, Greenfield Global has grown to become a leading producer of high purity alcohols, fuel ethanol, and related co-products. The Company has manufacturing and processing facilities in Ontario, Quebec, and the United States, with sales and distribution worldwide through its Greenfield, Commercial Alcohols and Pharmco brands. Greenfield is committed to the development and commercialization of both low-carbon biofuels, as well as renewable energy from organic waste and other biomass resources. The Company’s headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario.


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