First Ethanol Supplier to be Awarded EXCiPACT GMP Certification in the United States

BROOKFIELD, Conn., December 8, 2020 /[CNW]/ — Greenfield Global Inc., one of Canada’s largest  ethanol producers and a global leader in the production high-purity specialty alcohols and solvents, announced today that it has been awarded Excipient Quality System (EXCiPACT) Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification for specific ethanol, acetone, and IPA products at its Brookfield, Connecticut site.

EXCiPACT, an independent, globally recognized certification, is the industry-accepted guideline for managing supply chain risks related to excipients, which are inactive substances that serve as a vehicle for medicinal drugs or other active substances. The rigorous assessment process and subsequent EXCiPACT certification demonstrate that Greenfield Global manufactures pharmaceutical excipients according to the EXCiPACT Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certification Standard.

“This certification reflects Greenfield Global’s commitment to providing high-quality products and services to our customers,” said Frank Richards, EVP & Managing Director, Specialty Chemicals and Ingredients. “For over 30 years, Greenfield Global under its Pharmco brand has ensured that its product safety standards meet or exceed regulatory and customer requirements.”

The following Pharmco branded products are covered under the EXCiPACT certification, and can be shipped in tanker trailers and ISO containers:

  1. Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)
  2. Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)
  3. Isopropanol (IPA)
  4. Acetone

“Our customers, who manufacture specialized products, cannot compromise on quality. They rely on suppliers that share a dedication to excellence,” continued Richards. “This certification confirms our commitment to GMP in the manufacturing and supply of our products, as well as the safe, reliable, and transparent pharmaceutical supply chain we use to deliver them to our customers quickly and dependably.”

Greenfield Global’s newly opened Portlaoise, Ireland facility will be targeting EXCiPACT certification, likely to be achieved in 2021.


About Greenfield Global

Greenfield Global provides high-value, mission-critical raw materials, ingredients and additives that are vital to businesses, improve people’s lives, and preserve the health of the planet. Greenfield is the largest ethanol producer in Canada and owns and operates four ethanol distilleries, five specialty chemical manufacturing and packaging plants, and three next-generation biofuel and renewable energy R&D centres in Canada and the United States.

Founded in 1989, Greenfield continually develops more efficient and sustainable technologies and products while shrinking its own carbon footprint. From start-ups to the largest brands in the world, customers trust Greenfield’s extensive portfolio of premium products, regulatory expertise, and industry-leading service. Under its Pharmco and Commercial Alcohols brands, Greenfield delivers hundreds of products to thousands of Life Sciences, Food, Flavour, Fragrance, and Beverage customers in more than 50 countries worldwide.

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