Date: Thursday, November 9, 2023

Time: 11:00AM EST

Navigating the U.S. regulatory landscape for the use of high-purity alcohols in biologic development and manufacturing processes is crucial for maintaining product quality and patient safety—from identifying a source manufacturer to transport logistics and storage.

Join Greenfield Global and our distribution partner, Thermo Fisher Scientific, on Thursday, November 9, for a webinar hosted by Fierce Biotech, where our teams of quality, regulatory, and supply chain experts will highlight the significant challenges biomanufacturers face in high-purity alcohol compliance, and best practices for avoiding common pitfalls.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Critical compliance requirements and safety protocols
  • Various governing bodies
  • Tips for sourcing, purchasing, transporting and storing
  • What to look for in manufacturing and supply partners

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