Portlaoise Site Earns Respected Third-Party Endorsement of its High-Quality Excipient Products

March 2, 2023 – Greenfield Global Inc., a world-renowned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality alcohols and specialty solvents, announced today that its Portlaoise, Ireland site has earned EXCiPACT certification, making this global leader the only high-purity specialty alcohol and bioprocess solution manufacturer in the country to be certified.

“The EXCiPACT certification process is rigorous, and taking these extra steps shows our commitment to superior products and services that — in the hands of our customers — go on to improve the health of people around the world,” said Ken Finegan, Managing Director, Greenfield Global Ireland. “At Greenfield, we are proud to make safety and quality our priority in all our systems.  This new certification adds value by helping our life-science customers reduce their audit burden and costs.”

EXCiPACT certification independently assures life sciences customers that Greenfield Global Ireland meets market requirements to supply its Pharmco® excipient products in Ireland, Europe and around the world.

To meet the highest patient safety and public health standards and to qualify suppliers such as Greenfield Global, regulatory authorities require excipient users to conduct audits based on appropriate Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Regulators accept a third-party audit if a creditable body, such as EXCiPACT, issues the certificate.

“EXCiPACT certification is a trustworthy and independent reassurance that Greenfield meets the precise standards needed to remain leaders in supplying excipient products to the pharmaceutical industry,” said Finegan.


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About Greenfield, Portlaoise, Ireland:

 This state-of-the-art, cGMP manufacturing facility in Portlaoise has operated since 2020.  It gives both regional and global life science customers mission-critical chemicals and ingredients. It is the first NZEB (Near Zero Energy Building) facility of its kind in Ireland and houses blend tanks for isopropyl alcohol, phosphoric acid, sodium hydroxide, citric acid and more water-based buffer solutions. It features a closed-loop piping system that connects the production tank to a bulk loading dock and filling lines in an ISO 8 cleanroom. The facility is equipped with in-house quality control, analytical microbial laboratory, USP purified water, and Water for Injection (WFI) generation.

About Greenfield Global Inc.:

Greenfield Global is a world-renowned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality alcohols and specialty solvents — critical ingredients its customers use to make a wide variety of everyday products. Its mission is to unlock the potential of people, partnerships, and nature to create sustainable solutions for the health of the planet. Founded in 1989, this family-owned and operated business serves customers of all sizes in over 50 countries. It is the largest privately-held company of its kind and the leading choice for discerning customers in industry, manufacturing, cosmetics, food and beverage flavoring, as well as life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

Customers choose Greenfield for its high-quality products, personalized service, regulatory expertise, and sustainable approach to doing business. Its innovative products are certified to meet various international sustainability standards, and it has earned one of the lowest Carbon Intensity (CI) scores in the world. Greenfield’s team of experienced researchers and engineers work tirelessly to push the boundaries of what is possible in the specialty chemicals industries.

Greenfield Global headquarters are in Toronto, Canada and the company has earned the “Canada’s Best Managed” designation Platinum-level since 2015. The company has offices, production facilities and distribution warehouses globally.


EXCiPACT is a reputable non-profit organization that owns and oversees its independent, high-quality, third-party Certification Scheme, which is available to pharmaceutical excipient manufacturers and distributors worldwide.

The $2M Government of Canada investment is advancing company’s “waste-to-fuel” technology

Greenfield Global Inc., Canada’s leading alcohol, solvent and biofuels producer, yesterday welcomed Mr. Francis Drouin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, to Greenfield’s sponsored laboratory space at the University of Alberta to share progress on a $2M agricultural waste-to-clean fuel project funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada under the Agricultural Clean Technology (ACT) Program, Research and Innovation stream.

Greenfield, in close collaboration with the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Engineering, is leading the development of a new clean technology that will convert agricultural waste into renewable diesel fuel. Promoting a circular agriculture economy, this technology has the potential of reducing the overall greenhouse gas emissions in the agricultural and transportation sectors by up to 90% when compared to fossil-based diesel fuel.

“Climate change solutions not only help the environment but can also improve the economy and support producers – and projects like this are a great example,” said Francis Drouin, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, on behalf of the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau. “This new technology will convert agricultural waste to renewable fuel, add value for producers and boost the energy industry, all while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

“Our R&D collaboration with the University of Alberta to produce drop-in, renewable diesel fuel from organic waste will allow farming, trucking, construction, standby generators, and other fossil fuel intensive sectors to decarbonize, which is directly aligned with Canada’s climate action plans and helping Canada achieve net-zero emissions by 2050”, said Howard Field, President and CEO of Greenfield Global. “Greenfield has been decarbonizing Canada’s light-duty vehicle emissions for decades, producing fuel ethanol from industrial corn that is blended into gasoline. We are dedicated to the ongoing development of state-of-the-art technology with our partners in research, agriculture, and industry and we appreciate the Government of Canada’s shared commitment and support for innovative and important climate technologies.”

Additional benefits of Greenfield’s technology include being feedstock agnostic and utilizing a spoke-and-hub approach to the collection of feedstocks, production of biocrude, and the refining of biocrude into renewable diesel.

Three key contributors that supported Greenfield’s funding submission process and helped make this project possible were the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Ontario Federation of Agriculture, and the Grain Farmers of Ontario. The collaboration of all parties involved will contribute to the successful commercialization of this technology which will produce a sustainable liquid fuel, improve waste management and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

We’re pleased to share that Business View Magazine selected Greenfield Global for its latest cover story. The profile highlights our sector leadership, past accomplishments, and innovations currently underway as we continue to develop sustainable alternative energy solutions for the health of the planet. […]

Business View – Greenfield Global Feature

Greenfield Global is providing the life sciences sector with greater volumes of custom solutions under the Pharmco brand, to enhance supply chain confidence and reduce production lead times.

Brookfield, Connecticut (September 28, 2022) – To meet the increased demand from biopharma customers, Greenfield Global is tripling its production capacity for ethanol blends with water-for-injection (“WFI”) at its Brookfield, Connecticut plant from a 2,000 gallon tank to a total capacity just shy of 6,000 gallons.

Greenfield’s increased capacity provides greater confidence in supply chain security and increases production lead times for the laboratories, medical device manufacturers, and both large and small molecule pharmaceutical companies served around the globe. Under the Pharmco brand, Greenfield offers access to a larger volume of these ready to use solutions, helping customers improve their own manufacturing efficiencies as they can rely on Greenfield to quickly meet the demand to make the product they need to their exact specifications.

In addition to blending Greenfield’s USP and World Grade ethanol with WFI, the company also has the capability to blend additional custom solutions used in chromatography resin cleaning, storage, and regeneration in any package size or format required by customers – pails, drums, totes, and single-use containers.

“In medicine and life sciences, innovation happens fast, and the stakes are high. Our chemists and engineers are continually adapting and adding capabilities without compromising quality”, said Frank Richards, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Specialty Chemicals & Ingredients at Greenfield Global. “By tripling our capacity to produce ethanol blends with water for injection, we are greatly enhancing our supply-chain transparency, service reliability, and responsiveness to the very specific and technical customer demands in this market, something that is unique to Greenfield.”

The pharmaceutical industry depends on suppliers to provide the best available high-purity solvents & solutions, specialty chemicals, and bio-based ingredients to help people live better and longer. For over 10 years, Greenfield Global has provided a customized level of quality and service that small suppliers can’t replicate, and large suppliers can’t react to as we control the process from end-to-end: from order receipt, to manufacturing to delivery.

About Greenfield Global
Greenfield Global Inc. is the largest privately owned high-purity alcohol company in North America. Under the Pharmco brand, the company offers a wide range of specialty alcohols and bio-based chemicals to quality-driven and environmentally conscious customers around the globe. Twelve federally registered Distilled Spirits Plant locations offer regional distribution from coast to coast with support worldwide through more than 40 international distribution partners. The Pharmco brand stands for premium quality and service excellence and has been supplying life science, food, flavor, fragrance, personal care, extraction, and industrial companies with mission-critical products for more than 30 years.

Media Contact:
Valérie Picher, Vice President, Communications & Public Relations