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Denatured Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol (Permitted), Process Solvents, Solvents, Specially Denatured Alcohol, Tax-Exempt Alcohol Blends


Conflict Free, GMO Free, Grain Derived


55 Gallon Metal Drum - Item #12335ANAT200DM55M

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TTB Authorized Uses: As a solvent: Candy glazes; Processing pectin; Processing other food products; Processing glandular products, vitamins, hormones, and yeasts; Processing antibiotics and vaccines; Processing medicinal chemicals (including alkaloids); Miscellaneous drug processing (including manufacture of pills); Processing miscellaneous chemicals; Processing miscellaneous products; As a raw material: Vinegar; Acetic acid; Ethyl acetate; Other ethyl esters; Synthetic resins; Animal feed supplements. Miscellaneous uses: Product development and pilot plant uses (own use only).

This product is for further commercial manufacturing, laboratory or research use, and may be used as an excipient or a process solvent for pharmaceutical purposes. It is not intended for use as an active ingredient in drug manufacturing nor as a medical device or disinfectant. Appropriate/legal use of this product is the responsibility of the user.


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