Renewable Energy

Greenfield’s mission is to unlock the potential of people, partnerships and nature to accelerate sustainable solutions for the health of the planet.

Traditional energy sources like oil and natural gas are formed over hundreds of millions of years beneath the earth’s surface, and which release carbon into the atmosphere when burned. Greenfield believes in a world where our energy comes “from the ground up.” Renewable fuels like ethanol, bio-methane, and renewable natural gas are produced from materials on the surface of the earth, rather than beneath it — making them clean-burning and less harmful to the environment.

We invest in innovation because we know it works. Our dedicated team of scientists and research engineers are focused on developing the next generation of low-carbon renewable fuels. Our goal is to continually make our operations even more efficient and our products more sustainable — all while reducing our own carbon footprint.

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Greenfield is Canada’s largest ethanol producer. Ethanol is a high-octane, economical, clean burning gasoline additive that reduces air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Ethanol is blended at roughly 9% in all gasoline used in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec to reduce greenhouse gasses and improve engine performance, while supporting the agriculture economy.

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

In addition to its partnership in, and operating of, Quebec’s largest anaerobic digestion facility, Greenfield’s Engineering & Technology team has developed advanced anaerobic digestion technologies that accelerate the conversion of organic waste into RNG. Through other collaborations, we are commercializing the production of RNG from forestry waste. We believe in turning today’s waste into tomorrow’s fuels.

We believe in a circular economy

A good example is our collaboration with Truly Green Farms, a large tomato greenhouse grower located adjacent to our Chatham ethanol plant. By providing biogenic carbon dioxide released during fermentation, we are helping improve tomato crop yields. As well, a steady flow of waste heat from our ethanol plant is circulated through the greenhouses, eliminating the need for heat from natural gas-fired boilers. As a result, the Truly Green operation is among the most energy and cost efficient greenhouse operations in North America.