Greenfield knows that exceptional products depend on many factors — be it mashing, fermenting, distilling or sourcing, custom blended and tailored finishes — to provide your ideal organoleptic profile. Though our individual customer needs are varied and unique, top-notch, consistent quality is always of paramount importance.

We offer a variety of products, quantities, and services for customers in the beverage alcohol industry. Backed by some of the best brands and experts, our Grain Neutral Spirits and Blenders help make our customers’ products achieve their full potential, improving both functionality and sensory appeal.

From start to finish, Greenfield’s hallmark is our ability to convert grain into high-quality, value-added products. And we don’t stop there. We have one of the most unique distillation processes in the industry. Through constant innovation and ongoing development of new products and applications, we are continually helping our customers create better products while reducing our environmental impact.

Grain Neutral Spirits

Our Grain Neutral Spirits (GNS) and other neutral spirits are carefully selected and produced to meet the most exacting standards and certifications, including organic and Non-GMO options. We proudly work with more than 700 distilleries and bottlers worldwide.


Greenfield’s blenders incorporate the highest-grade materials to maintain the absolute best end product. Our superior quality, streamlined logistics, and regulatory expertise can also help save you money. Talk to our sales team to learn more about different purchasing and taxation options.