Innovation and Supply Chain (DMO)

Innovation and Supply Chain (DMO)
712 Richmond St, Unit D
Chatham, Ontario,  N7M 5J5






Innovation and Supply Chain (DMO) is an innovation hub where our talented engineers and scientists develop Intellectual Property and work diligently to optimize all technical aspects of Greenfield operations.  A key facet to the DMO group is the in-house expertise to design and execute major capital projects. DMO has developed leading-edge technology in anaerobic digestion, cellulosic ethanol, and solid liquid separation along with running some of the most efficient ethanol bio-refineries in the world.

10 yearsin operation
Holds a significant number of patents for proprietary equipment technology and processes
Merged a commercial greenhousewith the Chatham Biorefinery to reduce carbon footprint
Participates in more than 25technology and business investigations annually to scale and diversify Greenfield’s portfolio of products and capabilities

Meet our People

DMO’s team of engineers, scientists, technicians and operators have worked collaboratively to produce several patents since its official opening in 2008. The team also has capacity to do extensive analytical testing and pilot projects, allowing it to remain at the forefront of R&D for biofuels, bio-energy, and emerging markets.