Shelbyville, Kentucky

Kentucky Manufacturing and Packaging Plant
1101 Isaac Shelby Drive
Shelbyville, Kentucky 40065






In operation since 1979, our manufacturing and packaging facility in Shelbyville, Kentucky, has evolved from a filing and warehousing facility to a premier manufacturing and packaging plant. We manufacture and supply a wide range of pure and denatured ethanol products and are home to a dedicated customer service team.

Commitment to the Highest Standards:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • GMP Compliant

Markets Served

Specialty Chemical and Ingredients
1 500 commercial customers served annuallythrough our direct ship and warehouse distribution network
70 000square feet
6 000 000 gallonspackaged per year
39 years in operation (Greenfield purchased this facility in 2005)
Over 390unique Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) produced

Meet our People

The Shelbyville facility employs over 40 people performing various roles including Customer Service, Sales, Chemical Batching, Packaging, Shipping, Bench Chemistry, Supply Chain Management, Environmental Health & Safety, and Maintenance. There is a wide diversity among the workforce which provides many viewpoints to aid in creative ideas in the pursuit to provide excellent customer experience.