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Denatured Alcohol, Denatured Alcohol (Permitted), Process Solvents, Solvents, Specially Denatured Alcohol, Tax-Exempt Alcohol Blends


Conflict Free, GMO Free, Grain Derived


55 Gallon Metal Drum - Item #123012190DM55M

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TTB Authorized Uses: As a solvent: Cellulose coatings; Synthetic resin coatings; Shellac coatings; Other natural resin coatings; Other coatings; Cellulose plastics; Non-cellulose plastics, including resins; Photographic film and emulsions; Transparent sheeting; Explosives; Cellulose intermediates and industrial collodions; Soldering flux; Adhesives and binders; Proprietary solvents; Solvents and thinners (other than proprietary solvents or special industrial solvents); Solvents, special (restricted sale); Polishes; Inks (not including meat branding inks); Stains (wood, etc.); Shampoos; Soap and bath preparations; Cellulose compounds (dehydration); Sodium hydrosulfite (dehydration); Other dehydration products; Petroleum products; Processing pectin; Processing other food products; Processing crude drugs; Processing glandular products, vitamins, hormones, and yeasts; Processing antibiotics and vaccines; Processing medicinal chemicals (including alkaloids); Processing blood and blood products; Miscellaneous drug processing (including manufacture of pills); Processing dyes and intermediates; Processing perfume materials and fixatives; Processing photographic chemicals; Processing rosin; Processing rubber (latex); Processing other chemicals; Processing miscellaneous products; Disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, and other biocides; Embalming fluids and related products; Sterilizing and preserving solutions; Industrial detergents and soaps; Cleaning solutions (including household detergents); Photoengraving and rotogravure dyes and solutions; Other dye solutions; Miscellaneous solutions (including duplicating fluids). As a raw material: Ethyl acetate; Ethyl chloride; Other ethyl esters; Ethylamines; Dyes and intermediates; Acetaldehyde; Other aldehydes; Ethyl ether; Other ethers; Ethylene dibromide; Ethylene gas; Xanthates; Fulminate of mercury and other detonators; Drugs and medicinal chemicals; Other chemicals. As a fuel: Automobile and supplementary fuels; Airplane and supplementary fuels; Rocket and jet fuels; Proprietary heating fuels; Other fuel uses. As a fluid: Scientific instruments; Brake fluids; Cutting oil; Refrigerating uses; Other fluid uses; Proprietary anti-freeze. Miscellaneous uses: Product development and pilot plant uses (own use only); Specialized uses (unclassified).

This product is for further commercial manufacturing, laboratory or research use, and may be used as an excipient or a process solvent for pharmaceutical purposes. It is not intended for use as an active ingredient in drug manufacturing nor as a medical device or disinfectant. Appropriate/legal use of this product is the responsibility of the user.


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