Howard Field

President and CEO

Howard joined Greenfield in 2014 as the President and CEO, taking responsibility for the overall strategic planning and management for all Greenfield operations. Before joining Greenfield, he lived in Silicon Valley for 16 years. There, he co-founded and lead technology companies including photo merchandise e-commerce companies Picaboo and Picaboo Yearbooks, and, which went public on NASDAQ in 1999 and subsequently merged with Internet Pictures Corporation or “iPIX” in 2000.

Howard graduated magna cum laude from Babson College with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Kenneth Field

Chair and Founder

Marty Cormier

Senior Vice President


Douglas Dias

Vice President

Market Intelligence & Chief Risk Officer

Ron Kean

Vice President

General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Andrea Kent

Vice President

Government and Public Relations

Gary McInerney

Senior Vice President

Global Sales

David Meadows

Vice President

People and Culture

Jean Roberge

Vice President

Renewable Energy Strategies

Ken Robertshaw

Vice President

Grain Origination

David Salt

Vice President

Corporate Engineering

Jeff Stone

Vice President

Finance and Information Technology

Malcolm West

Vice President

Corporate Finance and Chief Financial Officer

John Wilkinson

Senior Vice President